"Tides" - New Single Out Now!

Sunset emotions and iconic sonorities are the origins of this tune. TIDES by Pablo Casadesus is a gathering of sounds from different countries, going from the saxophone to the oriental voices, including the guitar, his favorite instrument.

His new single recalls the light and colors of a sunset, the summer vibes and the beauty of the world.

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Pablo Casadesus is a french composer and an electronic music producer.

Born in an artistic family, Pablo Casadesus grows up around music and quickly, becomes interested in creating it. He starts composing and producing at the age of 7.

By learning percussions and guitar, he begins to appreciate electronic music and its production, but the pleasure he gets when plays an acoustic instrument stays crucial for him.

His album will be out in 2020, it’s a long journey and TIDES is the first step. A fresh tune, blending in the power of electronic music and the silky arabic voices.